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Welcome to ‘It’s Biblical’; a special live weekly in-depth biblical study with special guests and pastors from around the UK. Each study runs for 13 weeks and is based on a book of the Bible or a specific biblical topic.

From January to March we will focus on the book of Hebrews. The series is entitled: ‘In these last days: The message of Hebrews’.

What touches our hearts the most about the picture of Jesus in Hebrews? More than what Jesus did, we are touched by who Jesus is. Jesus was born from a woman. We were born from a woman, too. The devil tried to cause Jesus to sin. As sinners, we know how that feels. People made fun of Jesus and laughed at Him. We have been laughed at and made fun of, too. Now Jesus sits on the throne in heaven. When we make a picture in our minds of Jesus on the throne, our eyes can’t stop staring at Him. He looks so much the way we do because He is Human, too. Jesus is our Brother. Now Jesus, our Brother, is in heaven. He stands between God and sinners. Jesus loves us so much. Because of His love, Jesus goes to God the Father to get help for us. In Jesus, we see the story about the love of God for sinners and His plan to save us. This story has three parts: (1) Jesus is our Saviour. (2) Jesus is our King. (3) Jesus is the new Adam. Join us in this study of the book of Hebrews.

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