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Search the Scriptures – Hell Fire 16th May 2019


Search the Scriptures – Hell Fire 16th May 2019
Hosted by Ricky Morgan and Justus Dixon

Jesus warns of everlasting punishment in the age to come, and he also explains the
nature of that punishment, as do Paul and John among others. It is the second death, the
wages of sin. It is everlasting destruction, at the hands of God who is able to destroy both
soul and body. To undergo this punishment is to perish—eternally and entirely, fully and
forever—and to forfeit eternal life, the gift of God that throughout the New Testament
always stands as the blessed alternative to death, destruction and perishing.

These details, and scores of others from both Testaments, provide a clearer view of
the biblical hell than does the majority tradition of unending conscious torment. They
represent an understanding of the divine character more fully in accord with the revela-
tion of God revealed in Scripture and in Jesus Christ, including both his goodness and
his severity. They furnish a place to stand with confidence, a position grounded firmly in
Scripture, an incentive to forego timidity based on uncertainty, a boldness to declare the
whole counsel of God on this important subject.

“But,” someone asks, “if the traditional doctrine of hell does not come entirely from
the Bible, how did it originate and why is it almost universally held? And what exactly
does the Bible teach, if not what we have always heard? These are very important ques-
tions that deserve answers. With these questions clearly in mind, let us journey together
through the Scriptures and through centuries of Christian history.

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